MKMMA Week 1 Monday Morning

Began the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance Training yesterday getting started with a webinar.

Wow!  Is my brain full!  Lots to take in all at once but it is good.  It reminds me of when I have to go through a project with a customer and sort out the details before I either start or continue.  It can be draining but the end result is that it puts me on a path to doing a job well and that is what has been accomplished here.

Later today I will write out my DMP and send it in.  Last night was spent reading the materials and getting prepared for today.

This morning was a reading of Og the 1st scroll and then I hand wrote out the Blueprint and read it aloud as instructed.

I know this is a short blog but I wanted to write it before I got my work day started.

I do contracting and this is important to me however I do feel the strain of all I need to accomplish today.

My thoughts will be looking up.  I trust in God and His care for me and I am thankful for a chance to learn to redo my thoughts and create a better person who can serve Him and others.

Have a great day my fellow friends and mentors.


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