MKMMA Week 1 Three days into a new habit

It has been said that awareness is a vital step in the process of change.  One thing that creates awareness is tracking.  And tracking done over and over again creates a habit.

This week I have thought about the concept of being a slave to my habits.  Hadn’t ever really given it much thought.  Could it be that the position in which I find myself really be the result of the habits I have formed.  Perhaps it is the habit of staying on the edge of failure and success that creates an amount of stress within me that is quite needless.

Must I stay on this precipice?  I think not.

Really, it is kinda crazy to allow myself to live in a manner that is more destructive to me and my family by allowing the habits that are bad to rule me.

What I found interesting this week was that I will always be a slave to habits but the secret was released that if they were good habits, then the results would be to my liking.  Sort of like when slaves of the past chose to remain a slave because the master was kind and good to them.

Death is the only option to being a slave and that serves no purpose for one’s definite purpose in life.

It was neat to learn that I have a choice……not about being a slave because that must be…..but to whom or to what will I be serving?  As a believer in God this coincides with things I have been taught.  I can be a slave to sin or I can be a slave to righteousness.  I can actually consider myself dead to sin because I am alive to God as a believer.  Basically, I can life free because I can serve as a slave for the good things and God.

He created me and is the one who is Omniscient,   Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.  I was created in His Image.

My purpose is becoming clearer as I develop this new attitude toward habits and my relationship with God.

One thing I do want to mention is that there has been internal resistance and that I am also very much aware of.  This is good to understand and it will make me stronger in my resolve to be a better me.

I’m just curious………….are your habits making you better?

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