MKMMA Week #2 Combat Zone Over The Blueprint

I’m just curious……Do you ever want something so bad that you feel yourself tense up with emotional awareness because in your mind it just isn’t happening? Ok OK I meant fear, frustration, anger and concern.  My goodness!  It seems like that is happening more than I want it to.

I read that it is my old blueprint rising up in disagreement to making a change and I accept it……at least consciously I am accepting that this is happening.  But, How to I over come this booger of a bad blueprint?

I will read, and do the exercises despite my feelings.  I resolve to make this change.  I will choose to relax in my mind and set aside the concerns and frustrations.

As my title suggests, I do feel like I am in a war.  Not only do I want to make the changes that I learn about with the Master Mind Keys, I want to continue to also stay on top of my other responsibilities that support myself and my family.  This is a juggling act but I know it is well worth it to become the person I am designed to be.

Tonight is Tuesday and I sat for my fifteen and did Hannel’s exercise.  He was right…… it was very difficult.  If I focused my attention to the wall and had my eyes opened, I could deflect thoughts.  But I found this to be tiresome and my eyes would close.  Immediately I would find myself pondering this thought or another.  I would pop open my eyes, resolve to focus again and BOOM.  they’d be shut again and onto a new thought.

Yep!  This is an exercise that needs some work.  I had been pretty happy with myself for my ability to sit still but much of that must of been from habit learned by sitting in church as a youngster.

I am quite amazed that the things I am reading by Hannel makes sense.  The first read is always quite deep but then it gets easier.  Highlighting will be tomorrow’s task on the lesson and I found last week that really made it sink in even deeper.

To all my Blueprint War buddies,

Let’s keep up the good fight….We will win because “they” need us to!

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