MKMMA Week #3 “P90X” Mind Building

Muscle memory.  I recall the term when listening to a professional arms shooter describe an experience, where he was engaged in a contest to shoot a moving target and he hadn’t shot it weeks. Let’s call him, Joe.

Joe is an expert trainer and marksman who leads countless individuals in firearm safety and firing control.  He had practiced and practiced, daily to improve and develop accuracy in shooting at a moving target.

This one day he is at a conference with a number of other professionals and peers, learning more of the process.  The group’s activity leader announces that there was going to be a random shooting exercise.  Joe thinks,  “I hope they don’t call on me because I have not shot in three months.”

Joe is called.  He’s nervous.  He knew he had done well in the past but not shooting lately, left room for doubt in his mind.  His task was to move to the right when the target moved to the left, out of hiding and Joe was to shoot it with three bullets.

Joe’s adrenaline is turned on.  He thinks about the writers of gun magazines who are observing him and what will take place.  The activity commences and Joe dives right, draws his firearm and sends three bullets toward the object.   The “rush” dazes him for a moment and he thinks he did ok but doesn’t know yet.  The target is brought forward and all three entries are well patterned.

Joe is extremely pleased.  He goes on to explain that the accuracy was due to “muscle memory” he’d developed over time with proper practice.

I think about that, along with how P90X takes an exercise program and by mixing up the muscle groups on regular intervals, the muscles become stronger.

Connect these thoughts with MKMMA and I feel quite amazed.

Like P90X, Mark and Davine plus our guides are working us through various changes that keep us constantly aware of something new most of the time with this course.  It keeps things fresh and helps me stay alert.  It builds enthusiasm……… because you’re always on the edge of your seat for what is coming next.

The Greatest Sale’s Man is like the muscle memory part because it is reprogramming my “Subby” to replace certain habits with very good habits.  With a good habit in place, emotion doesn’t thwart the result because the habit determines it.  It is like the flight attendants and airline crew who train over and over again for an emergency and when it does happen, the habits kick in and the proper actions continue to be applied.

I am really glad for the SMART portion of writing the DMPs and the examples in this week’s webinar made a big difference in understanding how to correctly speak to my subby in a clear way.

I have been trying to get subby to be more helpful when I play Scrabble with my wife…….. but I understand it is a process….lol.   (Can I do lol in a blog? …….Oh, I just did. 🙂 )

I can’t say this week has been easier but I look forward to my blueprint building time.  I get more excited as the pics of the me the future become clearer.

Enjoy the journey my friends!


5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week #3 “P90X” Mind Building

    • Thanks Rich. Our lives have stories to pass on and make a difference with. I am happy for both the good and bad of my past……….NOW PUT ON THOSE RUNNING SHOES AND GET READY TO RUN A HALF_MARATHON NEXT SEPTEMBER WITH ME!


  1. Firearms target-shooting?! P90x?! Marathons?! Sounds like an intense life! I can’t wait to see what comes out of your new bond with your subby. And good luck with Scrabble! 🙂


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