MKMMA–Week Nine–Bridges Aren’t Needed On Smooth Trails

Cessena 182 model

So where does week nine find me?

On vacation in Kansas with part of my family. Aerial shot of Wichita KS Wichita, a typical city of roads, railroad tracks and bridges.

Do you know, that if you are like most people, you will encounter a bridge if you go anywhere?  If these were not there, you would be walking through water or across dangerous intersections?  They make our lives easier because they are helping us to bypass obstacles that would otherwise be in the way.  They are made with existing materials and must be done well.

So often we become so individualized that we think that we don’t need bridges.  We choose to ignore these “helps” in our society…..and by doing so, our lives become a lot like that depicted in that famous movie about Kansas.

A whirl wind of activity brings The Wizard of Oz  to mind.

Considering this story, I can see each character.

Dorthy—Who lost her way  Dorthy

The LionThe lion—Who needed courage

The Scarecrow—Who wanted a brainScarecrow

And the Tinman—Tin Man-Who wanted a heart

A hero’s journey of sort?

Am I following the truth?

Does my life resemble these?

Do I get a twisted look at how I need to change?  Sometimes I get the impression that my defining of the future means I should put the past as far behind me as possible….. BUT that takes away from the truth that is leading me.  There is a “verification” in the past but THIS does not have to dictate the entirety of my future.

I am becoming more aware of the need for bridges  off Camera Cared on 120211 008     especially in designing my life.

So often, I’m finding that one of the ways I bridge myself to another, is in the reflection of movies I’ve seen.  MEMORIES.  Many people connect through the movies they’ve seen.

Realizing that TV entertainment is something I am limiting…. for the sake of myself, the valuable time and being in harmony with the members of the MKMMA group, I made an exception to spend time watching a movie with my family during this time off because it was spending quality time together.  (It not always is ……but it can be.)

We watched “The Giver” and so many parallels to what we, MKMMAers are learning sprang up.

Yes!  We are to have imagination and build our future with it…..but it must be built on truth and good “mind materials” from our past.  Without it, we can miss important harmony points that we all need.  If we utilize the Law of Substitution, it is from our past that we gather that material.

In this movie, This “Perfect Colony” lives lives of induced and controlled harmony.  But, without a tie to the past, they are left lacking emotion and passion.  No matter my good or bad memories, both can be “good mind material” for my “Vision” and DMP.

This is a trailer for the film.  \

Sometimes I may find it difficult to have good memories of my own that come to mind in the times I require an adjustment to my emotions.  This is where a good book can be of extreme value.

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

I read this book through once and am currently on a second reading .  What I have found this time is that all the things that I am learning in MKMMA seem to be jumping off the pages at me.  I am pretty sure he didn’t go through this but it feels like Andy Andrews, the author, did.

A man has reach a point in his life where his world has fallen apart.  He goes through a period of thinking it will get better but it doesn’t.  He decides to do the unthinkable and finds himself in an incredible journey bring a definition of success to him.  He, David, meets people in history and they each give him a key to success.

Today I read of David waking up on the Santa Maria and spends the day with Cristobal Colon.  When David challenges Columbus that he doesn’t know where he is going, his response is, “Does that have any bearing on what I can accomplish?”  He explains to David that the question to ask is not, “Do you know where you are but…..Do you know where you are going?”  Every day Christopher looked out over the ocean and he saw what the others did not……”Dawn will be breaking soon.  When it does, directly in front of the Santa Maria you will see land.  Beautiful land with trees and fruit and animals and people who will welcome us as heroes!  The water gushing from the ground will be cold and pure.  It will sparkle with diamonds!  This will be a place for men’s dreams to come true–a glorious new world claimed by Cristobal Colon in the name of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella!”…….The Traveler’s Gift page 79.

This sounds like a DMP to me.

Friends, this is not the easiest thing in the world but it is worth it.  Press On!

This is helping me with bridging in my life and I hope it will be an encouragement to you as well.

Daniel Fenton

MKMMA Week Eight—-Digging In

The word ” Activity” has been on my mind a lot this week.

I find myself caught up in the aspect of “going through the motions with my MKMMA exercises but I want more than that.

You know?  I would love to make a decision and be done with it but, honestly? Can life and how we behave actually be done that way?  Perhaps for some….. but until I reach that point, I choose to remain faithful to re-applying my decisions time and again.

It struck me hard in the reading of Hannel this week where he speaks of daydreaming versus actively using my imagination.  He used the word dissipation as being “harmful daydreaming”.  I think what he’s saying is that, even though we may look at it an see something as harmless, if it is not giving value to yourself or another, then the waste of time it is taking is a “theft” that can be prevented and should be stopped.

This week in the webinar we were encouraged to understand that each day we have a valuable commodity handed to us and that is in the area of seconds.   86,400 each day to be exact!

I keep thinking about this and I want my time to count.  I want my future self to be able to shake hands with my present self and agree that I lived a life of order and got to know my future so well, that I didn’t gift him with a lot of extra pressure because I didn’t utilize the present well.

Of course I understand that is this is getting deep but in reality this new blueprinting is very deep in the aspect of our thinking.

I find that I am very used to the mentality of “get it now”, Fast Food, Fax it , E-mail it, text it. Skype,……my whole world is demanding at break neck speed but at the same time……..I have to do things patiently.  …”an Olive take 100 years…..I do not wish to be an onion….. 😦

BUT!  I look at the things I do want and say in my DMP that I am having, achieving, being and yet I find myself holding back from actually “digging in” and going for it.

Why is this?  Is my previous blueprint that strong to prevent me from pressing forward and becoming the I and Me that I choose to be?

NO!   NO!  NO!  Do it now!   I can be what I will to be.  I keep moving and being inside the man I am determined to be.

Earnest Desire. Confident Expectation.  Firm Demand.  These I choose to implement.

I am digging in.  I always keep my promises.

My feelings my be off but I CHOOSE to think in a manner that benefits all parties involved……and this includes me.  The feelings will follow, so I look with anticipation upon the joy, contentment and confidence I will feel.

I had a pastor once who used to tell this story:

Three fellas, Faith, Feeling and Fact were on a hike one day.  They climbed this mountain one day and were enjoying the terrific views from the peak.  Of course one side had a 300 foot cliff dropping off below.  The three friends walked carefully to the edge and began to peer out over its edge.  Feeling got awful quezzie and began to fall over the edge.  Faith reached out and grabbed feeling but even though he was strong, he lacked enough strength to pull Feeling back.  Soon he was moving close to the cliff as well.  Fact saw what was happening and he acted quickly.  As Faith began to get weak, Fact dug right in. He held on tight and filled Faith’s mind with encouraging details of previous victories.  Faith gained strength and pulled Feeling back onto the top of the ledge.   Though still shaking deeply with the thought of almost loosing it, Feeling, in time regained the good nature he typically carried about and the three friends traveled back down the mountain to meet the next day’s adventure.

As I am learning, I must use my mind to get to the places that I want to be.  So glad I was made this way.

Many thanks to God who has given me a desire to be a better me so I may fulfill His purpose.

Blessing, My MKMMAers!

MKMMA WEEK Seven–Discoveries in the disappointments.

My DMP is Key

It’s not where I am at….

But where I am going to be!

I stated this in the 7 day diet portion of the Alliance section tonight but I thought I would here too.

I get caught up in the “perfection thing”……. about being really good and staying positive… know?   Not getting negative.  I find that getting overly worn out physically and mentally just makes the negative stuff surface and …….Back to the starting line I go again.

Maybe….. in some weird sort of way….. this is a “purging process”.  The bad and ugly material must flow out of us somehow, so we can replace it with good material to build our minds with.    As long as I am aware of what I am thinking or doing, then I can say “no” to it and choose to think differently.  Sometimes the “bad” can turn out to be a “good.”

I’m just curious…….  Did you ever hear the story about the two boys who were give a test by their parents?

See, one boy was always positive and the other was constantly negative.  So, one day the boys were sent to their rooms for the entire day.  Before they went, mom and dad put great, glorious, wonderful toys in the negative child’s roomPictures off Smart Phone 011213 161 and for the other boy they had a truck load of manure delivered through one of the windows into the bedroom.  Smelled like Poop!Pictures off Smart Phone 011213 230

The boys went in their rooms and half way through the day the parents opened the door to check on them.

The one child with all the great toys and things, had them all broken and in pieces.  He continued to be negative.  The other boy was a surprise to mom and dad.  They opened the door and what did they find?  He had such a big smile on his face.  Manure was on his face, all up his arms…… and he down right smelled awful.

“Why,” his parents asked, “are you so happy?”

He responded,  “Why! With all this manure, there has got to be a horse in here somewhere!”

We all want our lives to be a “Sun-shinny day” but what happens when it is not?   What happens when it is so cold out people make Ice Castles?  Ice castle 2010 with Tina and Brandon 003   We can have fun at it but to stay in the elements,wears us down.  How do I get up?

It is interesting to note that to stay up, I must turn within and look up.  We are blessed with the level of awareness we are receiving in this MKMMA  life changing activity.

When I am down I can remember the Law of Substitution and I think about stuff like the fun I had on a cruise with my wife.  HPIM4309

Seeing mountains on a Caribbean Island.  HPIM4745   With this I can also practice the Law of Relaxation.

I take wonderful memories and those feelings I feel……… I can then apply the Law of Dual Thought and activate the Law of Attraction.  Pictures off Smart Phone 011213 161  When I see this picture it reminds me of being a pilot, flying the Cessena 182 and of being financially free gaining Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression.

It is one of my great desires to connects lots of people to others and their own dreams.  As we are being guided……..I am a bridge builder.  off Camera Cared on 120211 008

Today I may start again but as long as I keep going, I will get better at being positive and controlling myself from the negative.

Whether I am in the valley or on the mountain top. Mountain scenes 002 I will have disappointments but my discoveries will multiply as I practice awareness and control in the new me I am becoming.

There is always hope.  Look UP!

Week Six–Physically Worn/Mentally Torn

Twas the day after yesterday

As “Todays” always come

I’ve given my best

Though my best lacks for some.

The tasks that provide

The Income, my due.

Wears my body to exhaustion.

What will I do?

I shall find “Pick-me-ups”

As I go through my day.

My Blueprint Builder, My DMP and Greatest Salesman

Read aloud and affirmations I say.

Do It Now

I can be what I will to be

Brings a smile to my face

A lightness to my heart

I am free!

I’m in a new race

I have a new start.

The world looks and says, “How?”

I respond with a twinkle in my eye.

If I say it with my lips,

I am sure you might cry.

So I say it in my heart and I make it true…..

I quietly say, “I love you.”

So, when you are down….

Whether a clown or had the crown,

Pick yourself up and say,

“I improve my today!”

This has been a week of much work and a push for a project that I have been doing.  An apartment has been in the state of remodel this past month and the tenant is ready to move in…..However, We, the contractors and I are not ready.  This does not disturb me but it has created a forced concentration on its completion.  In fact, for the owners benefit I think that it has gone well for him because if there had not been the “push” it would have only been natural to work a little slower.

I remember learning years ago and most people know this, that most of your work is done in the last few hours of the day.  Squeezing it all in can be good!.

But beyond the struggles of work and the weariness it can produce, the struggles of the heart can be more wearisome.  When friendships are strained and I know what I am supposed to do yet because I feel slighted or used, it feel more justified to maintain a distance and an attitude.

I struggle with wanting to just forgive and move on but when the same thing continues and continues……it’s just hard.

Some people you can just get away from and “love them from a distance” BUT what do you do with those you have to deal with everyday…..That as you work on your own new blueprint, they are satisfied to never work on theirs?

Of course I know that it is not in my ability or means to change someone else but if my “world without” is a reflection of my world within, then do I have the ability to bring about change in someone who I am close with?

I purposely set aside these feelings and move on.  I move toward harmony.

This week has not been what I expected but I am thankful to be part of the the MKMMA and share my journey with you my friends.

I may fall down but I won’t wait for another to pick me up.  I shall do this on my own…..Because I can be what I will to be!

Daniel Fenton


What an Amazing week!……that since I am asked to write this, this is the request AND since I am the expert of my own life I CAN express this opinion.

Friday morning started early for my wife and I on Oct 24th.  A 2:45AM call from our daughter that she was in “Labor” caused us a quick exit from the house and on the road by 3:18AM.  I suppose this would have been ok but we weren’t traveling twenty minutes away to be there for the birth of our grandbaby……..It was a Five hour trip to Scranton PA!

It think it was the night before that I had just finished the last Blog  (Can we say LOL in here…guess I just did…lol!)

It is amazing that the body tells you that if you have been up for two or three hours that it is time to eat, even if you are up four hours before you normally would be.  It’s ok…we were on our way.

We get near Binghamton NY and get a text from our son-in-law that she is 7 centimeters and the water just broke.  (Did you know you could actually break water?)  We are 45 minutes to an hour away.  OH!  Will we get there in time to have my wife be there when the little girl arrives?

We do.  It’s about 8:45am…..We go up to the room and through contractions our daughter greets us and then I leave for a bit.  I wanted to afford her some privacy  and have this be an experience to be shared with her husband and my wife, since she had been invited.

After a spell I return about 10:10AM and she had begun to push.  There is a curtain just after you enter the door and it is drawn closed.  I remain behind it as I listen to my little girl be in pain and endure the pain of childbirth.  I pray and tears run down my face as I listen.

I keep hearing the nurses say, “Ok, just one more push….you did good….now just one more push.”

Imagine my thinking and hers when an hour and a half passes and they are saying the same thing to her?  The delivery doctor comes in and asks how close.  The nurse says, “It;s still a while”.  WHAT!  All this time I think that the “one more push” is going to bring our baby into this world!  Well, it wasn’t as long as it could have been and at 11:56AM the world was blessed along with her parents and grand parents with a little girl (half grown at 9lbs 2.2ozs and 21 inches long.)  Yee Ha!.  KIMG0021

It was a beautiful experience.  I took pictures minutes afterwards and I am so thankful for technology to to this.

Of course this was the beginning of a week gone by and the next day my other grand baby girl and her parents came by from Maine.  Wow!  I love family.

Left Pa on Sunday and returned home without the wife.  Didn’t get to the webinar at 4 so I decided to watch it when it cam out on the replay.  Since it didn’t come out till Tuesday, I felt like all the work became a blur and quite overwhelming.

The alternator in my truck went and I ended up having to play mechanic as well.  Thanks to the Lord I was able to keep my truck in working order until I got it working right this afternoon.

I have three friends who are taking the MKMMA course and two of them I see quite regularly.  My friend Rich helped me with encouragement when I felt my lowest Wednesday night and I really wanted to get my revised version of my DMP done and also do the Press Release.

It was truly amazing that evening.  I pressed on to complete both tasks…..The cards really help because saying that “I always keep my promises” rang in my mind and this was a promise to keep to me this time.

About 11:30 that evening I finished the DMP and began working on the Press Release.

Mark J was right.  You just kickoff you shoe and get to work on it.  NO dilly-dallying!  Just have fun he says.  And it was.  I just let the imagination go and I did have fun with it.

It was interesting though.  As I started and was building up to the scene where I was being interview, that part was easy.  When I had to start talking about me……WELL! That was like a barrier went right up.  I got this mental block and didn’t want to talk about me.

I had made up my mind to do this so I pressed on and “jumped that hurdle.”  As I began to pretend and roll play into the scene, it got fun and enjoyable.

I hope you will see my interview with John Maxwell and be inspired.  IMG_20140131_063102

I am so glad to be taking this Mind changing experience and I look forward to a great life because of it.

Press On! My fellow MKMMAers!