Week Six–Physically Worn/Mentally Torn

Twas the day after yesterday

As “Todays” always come

I’ve given my best

Though my best lacks for some.

The tasks that provide

The Income, my due.

Wears my body to exhaustion.

What will I do?

I shall find “Pick-me-ups”

As I go through my day.

My Blueprint Builder, My DMP and Greatest Salesman

Read aloud and affirmations I say.

Do It Now

I can be what I will to be

Brings a smile to my face

A lightness to my heart

I am free!

I’m in a new race

I have a new start.

The world looks and says, “How?”

I respond with a twinkle in my eye.

If I say it with my lips,

I am sure you might cry.

So I say it in my heart and I make it true…..

I quietly say, “I love you.”

So, when you are down….

Whether a clown or had the crown,

Pick yourself up and say,

“I improve my today!”

This has been a week of much work and a push for a project that I have been doing.  An apartment has been in the state of remodel this past month and the tenant is ready to move in…..However, We, the contractors and I are not ready.  This does not disturb me but it has created a forced concentration on its completion.  In fact, for the owners benefit I think that it has gone well for him because if there had not been the “push” it would have only been natural to work a little slower.

I remember learning years ago and most people know this, that most of your work is done in the last few hours of the day.  Squeezing it all in can be good!.

But beyond the struggles of work and the weariness it can produce, the struggles of the heart can be more wearisome.  When friendships are strained and I know what I am supposed to do yet because I feel slighted or used, it feel more justified to maintain a distance and an attitude.

I struggle with wanting to just forgive and move on but when the same thing continues and continues……it’s just hard.

Some people you can just get away from and “love them from a distance” BUT what do you do with those you have to deal with everyday…..That as you work on your own new blueprint, they are satisfied to never work on theirs?

Of course I know that it is not in my ability or means to change someone else but if my “world without” is a reflection of my world within, then do I have the ability to bring about change in someone who I am close with?

I purposely set aside these feelings and move on.  I move toward harmony.

This week has not been what I expected but I am thankful to be part of the the MKMMA and share my journey with you my friends.

I may fall down but I won’t wait for another to pick me up.  I shall do this on my own…..Because I can be what I will to be!

Daniel Fenton

9 thoughts on “Week Six–Physically Worn/Mentally Torn

  1. I enjoy your poems, Daniel! They’re a fresh perspective on MKMMA. Amazing how parallel our journeys are: this week’s focus was harmony for me, too. Hard, but necessary. I felt convicted and pushed to work diligently for harmony while reading Compensation. We are evolving….

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  2. Thanks for the poem, I to really enjoyed it!
    I´ve been thinking about people around me also and looking back I can see how I personally spend less time and/or energy with the once who choose to stand still or be negative and more with those who are positive and evolving.
    Would be interesting to know if You and others experience the same!



    • I like to be around up meat people but I do find myself in the midst of negative people and wonder if I have attracted them to me by my own thought processes. This exercise of “no negative thoughts dwelt upon for the next 7 days” clearly shows me that I have a negativity bent in my thinking and I am learning to control it. I don’t want to re-start but with gladness I do. I find people are very similar.


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