MKMMA WEEK Seven–Discoveries in the disappointments.

My DMP is Key

It’s not where I am at….

But where I am going to be!

I stated this in the 7 day diet portion of the Alliance section tonight but I thought I would here too.

I get caught up in the “perfection thing”……. about being really good and staying positive… know?   Not getting negative.  I find that getting overly worn out physically and mentally just makes the negative stuff surface and …….Back to the starting line I go again.

Maybe….. in some weird sort of way….. this is a “purging process”.  The bad and ugly material must flow out of us somehow, so we can replace it with good material to build our minds with.    As long as I am aware of what I am thinking or doing, then I can say “no” to it and choose to think differently.  Sometimes the “bad” can turn out to be a “good.”

I’m just curious…….  Did you ever hear the story about the two boys who were give a test by their parents?

See, one boy was always positive and the other was constantly negative.  So, one day the boys were sent to their rooms for the entire day.  Before they went, mom and dad put great, glorious, wonderful toys in the negative child’s roomPictures off Smart Phone 011213 161 and for the other boy they had a truck load of manure delivered through one of the windows into the bedroom.  Smelled like Poop!Pictures off Smart Phone 011213 230

The boys went in their rooms and half way through the day the parents opened the door to check on them.

The one child with all the great toys and things, had them all broken and in pieces.  He continued to be negative.  The other boy was a surprise to mom and dad.  They opened the door and what did they find?  He had such a big smile on his face.  Manure was on his face, all up his arms…… and he down right smelled awful.

“Why,” his parents asked, “are you so happy?”

He responded,  “Why! With all this manure, there has got to be a horse in here somewhere!”

We all want our lives to be a “Sun-shinny day” but what happens when it is not?   What happens when it is so cold out people make Ice Castles?  Ice castle 2010 with Tina and Brandon 003   We can have fun at it but to stay in the elements,wears us down.  How do I get up?

It is interesting to note that to stay up, I must turn within and look up.  We are blessed with the level of awareness we are receiving in this MKMMA  life changing activity.

When I am down I can remember the Law of Substitution and I think about stuff like the fun I had on a cruise with my wife.  HPIM4309

Seeing mountains on a Caribbean Island.  HPIM4745   With this I can also practice the Law of Relaxation.

I take wonderful memories and those feelings I feel……… I can then apply the Law of Dual Thought and activate the Law of Attraction.  Pictures off Smart Phone 011213 161  When I see this picture it reminds me of being a pilot, flying the Cessena 182 and of being financially free gaining Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression.

It is one of my great desires to connects lots of people to others and their own dreams.  As we are being guided……..I am a bridge builder.  off Camera Cared on 120211 008

Today I may start again but as long as I keep going, I will get better at being positive and controlling myself from the negative.

Whether I am in the valley or on the mountain top. Mountain scenes 002 I will have disappointments but my discoveries will multiply as I practice awareness and control in the new me I am becoming.

There is always hope.  Look UP!

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