MKMMA Week Eight—-Digging In

The word ” Activity” has been on my mind a lot this week.

I find myself caught up in the aspect of “going through the motions with my MKMMA exercises but I want more than that.

You know?  I would love to make a decision and be done with it but, honestly? Can life and how we behave actually be done that way?  Perhaps for some….. but until I reach that point, I choose to remain faithful to re-applying my decisions time and again.

It struck me hard in the reading of Hannel this week where he speaks of daydreaming versus actively using my imagination.  He used the word dissipation as being “harmful daydreaming”.  I think what he’s saying is that, even though we may look at it an see something as harmless, if it is not giving value to yourself or another, then the waste of time it is taking is a “theft” that can be prevented and should be stopped.

This week in the webinar we were encouraged to understand that each day we have a valuable commodity handed to us and that is in the area of seconds.   86,400 each day to be exact!

I keep thinking about this and I want my time to count.  I want my future self to be able to shake hands with my present self and agree that I lived a life of order and got to know my future so well, that I didn’t gift him with a lot of extra pressure because I didn’t utilize the present well.

Of course I understand that is this is getting deep but in reality this new blueprinting is very deep in the aspect of our thinking.

I find that I am very used to the mentality of “get it now”, Fast Food, Fax it , E-mail it, text it. Skype,……my whole world is demanding at break neck speed but at the same time……..I have to do things patiently.  …”an Olive take 100 years…..I do not wish to be an onion….. 😦

BUT!  I look at the things I do want and say in my DMP that I am having, achieving, being and yet I find myself holding back from actually “digging in” and going for it.

Why is this?  Is my previous blueprint that strong to prevent me from pressing forward and becoming the I and Me that I choose to be?

NO!   NO!  NO!  Do it now!   I can be what I will to be.  I keep moving and being inside the man I am determined to be.

Earnest Desire. Confident Expectation.  Firm Demand.  These I choose to implement.

I am digging in.  I always keep my promises.

My feelings my be off but I CHOOSE to think in a manner that benefits all parties involved……and this includes me.  The feelings will follow, so I look with anticipation upon the joy, contentment and confidence I will feel.

I had a pastor once who used to tell this story:

Three fellas, Faith, Feeling and Fact were on a hike one day.  They climbed this mountain one day and were enjoying the terrific views from the peak.  Of course one side had a 300 foot cliff dropping off below.  The three friends walked carefully to the edge and began to peer out over its edge.  Feeling got awful quezzie and began to fall over the edge.  Faith reached out and grabbed feeling but even though he was strong, he lacked enough strength to pull Feeling back.  Soon he was moving close to the cliff as well.  Fact saw what was happening and he acted quickly.  As Faith began to get weak, Fact dug right in. He held on tight and filled Faith’s mind with encouraging details of previous victories.  Faith gained strength and pulled Feeling back onto the top of the ledge.   Though still shaking deeply with the thought of almost loosing it, Feeling, in time regained the good nature he typically carried about and the three friends traveled back down the mountain to meet the next day’s adventure.

As I am learning, I must use my mind to get to the places that I want to be.  So glad I was made this way.

Many thanks to God who has given me a desire to be a better me so I may fulfill His purpose.

Blessing, My MKMMAers!

16 thoughts on “MKMMA Week Eight—-Digging In

  1. Excellent blog Dan and love the story 🙂 Just remember, your old blueprint can only hold you as long as you want to be held. You have a choice and I know you will choose to follow the new path. Keep moving forward, God has your back as well as the rest of us MKMMAers.

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    • What an excellent description of the grip our old blueprint has on us. It will dig in every way it can and kick, scratch claw, and bite to hold us back just to save its old worthless life of status quo. Congratulations on seeing through it and moving forward towards your future self. We shall overcome the depths of our embedded histories. It’s worth it to become our true inner selves..


    • Hi Claudia,
      I’ve not been around the world yet except the two countries that border the US but I have noticed that people seem to be very much the same so many places. Glad I could write in a way to help you relate. Blessings!


    • Thanks for the post Mary. I remember something that my dad said once. Sometimes all we have to fall back on is our commitment. I may not feel like it persay but I usually end up choosing too. From the Mountains of the Adirondacks. Thank you.


  2. I love the fact you are willing to “Bare your Soul”
    Also appreciate your feeling of the Need for Speed.
    I believe we all need to step back, perfect the small items and move forward at a natural pace. I could not hurry my crops, even though the cupboard may be bare.
    What I needed to do was go forward and apply ACTION to ideas to put food on the table while the Good Lord and nature were allowing the crops to grow


  3. Thank you Dan to be this open and honest. You dig and you get dieper. Way to go! The old blueprint also want to say something from time to time, but when you dig and go through you got it. I feel confident and knowing what you want and wanted to go there. So you get it!


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