MKMMA–Week Nine–Bridges Aren’t Needed On Smooth Trails

Cessena 182 model

So where does week nine find me?

On vacation in Kansas with part of my family. Aerial shot of Wichita KS Wichita, a typical city of roads, railroad tracks and bridges.

Do you know, that if you are like most people, you will encounter a bridge if you go anywhere?  If these were not there, you would be walking through water or across dangerous intersections?  They make our lives easier because they are helping us to bypass obstacles that would otherwise be in the way.  They are made with existing materials and must be done well.

So often we become so individualized that we think that we don’t need bridges.  We choose to ignore these “helps” in our society…..and by doing so, our lives become a lot like that depicted in that famous movie about Kansas.

A whirl wind of activity brings The Wizard of Oz  to mind.

Considering this story, I can see each character.

Dorthy—Who lost her way  Dorthy

The LionThe lion—Who needed courage

The Scarecrow—Who wanted a brainScarecrow

And the Tinman—Tin Man-Who wanted a heart

A hero’s journey of sort?

Am I following the truth?

Does my life resemble these?

Do I get a twisted look at how I need to change?  Sometimes I get the impression that my defining of the future means I should put the past as far behind me as possible….. BUT that takes away from the truth that is leading me.  There is a “verification” in the past but THIS does not have to dictate the entirety of my future.

I am becoming more aware of the need for bridges  off Camera Cared on 120211 008     especially in designing my life.

So often, I’m finding that one of the ways I bridge myself to another, is in the reflection of movies I’ve seen.  MEMORIES.  Many people connect through the movies they’ve seen.

Realizing that TV entertainment is something I am limiting…. for the sake of myself, the valuable time and being in harmony with the members of the MKMMA group, I made an exception to spend time watching a movie with my family during this time off because it was spending quality time together.  (It not always is ……but it can be.)

We watched “The Giver” and so many parallels to what we, MKMMAers are learning sprang up.

Yes!  We are to have imagination and build our future with it…..but it must be built on truth and good “mind materials” from our past.  Without it, we can miss important harmony points that we all need.  If we utilize the Law of Substitution, it is from our past that we gather that material.

In this movie, This “Perfect Colony” lives lives of induced and controlled harmony.  But, without a tie to the past, they are left lacking emotion and passion.  No matter my good or bad memories, both can be “good mind material” for my “Vision” and DMP.

This is a trailer for the film.  \

Sometimes I may find it difficult to have good memories of my own that come to mind in the times I require an adjustment to my emotions.  This is where a good book can be of extreme value.

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

I read this book through once and am currently on a second reading .  What I have found this time is that all the things that I am learning in MKMMA seem to be jumping off the pages at me.  I am pretty sure he didn’t go through this but it feels like Andy Andrews, the author, did.

A man has reach a point in his life where his world has fallen apart.  He goes through a period of thinking it will get better but it doesn’t.  He decides to do the unthinkable and finds himself in an incredible journey bring a definition of success to him.  He, David, meets people in history and they each give him a key to success.

Today I read of David waking up on the Santa Maria and spends the day with Cristobal Colon.  When David challenges Columbus that he doesn’t know where he is going, his response is, “Does that have any bearing on what I can accomplish?”  He explains to David that the question to ask is not, “Do you know where you are but…..Do you know where you are going?”  Every day Christopher looked out over the ocean and he saw what the others did not……”Dawn will be breaking soon.  When it does, directly in front of the Santa Maria you will see land.  Beautiful land with trees and fruit and animals and people who will welcome us as heroes!  The water gushing from the ground will be cold and pure.  It will sparkle with diamonds!  This will be a place for men’s dreams to come true–a glorious new world claimed by Cristobal Colon in the name of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella!”…….The Traveler’s Gift page 79.

This sounds like a DMP to me.

Friends, this is not the easiest thing in the world but it is worth it.  Press On!

This is helping me with bridging in my life and I hope it will be an encouragement to you as well.

Daniel Fenton

8 thoughts on “MKMMA–Week Nine–Bridges Aren’t Needed On Smooth Trails

  1. Daniel, thanks for sharing Your thoughts and for the story of David meeting Columbus, spot on!
    I can really relate to seeing new meaning in books I read before, fascinating how our reality at the time colors experiences, even experiences in literature!

    Mahalo // C


  2. I have been wanting to see this movie, “The Giver” and knowing that the paralells to the MKMMA are obvious makes me want to see it even more. I think it’s like the car we never noticed until we wanted one and then they were everywhere… the lessons that we are learning are in every movie… we just never noticed them before!


  3. Dan, this is a great post. I too just re-listened to “The Traveler’s Gift” on audio. Things jumped out at me this time that really didn’t the last time I heard it. You always make such valid points and with an honesty and insight that makes everything come together. Have faith my friend, great things are coming your way!!!


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