MKMMA– Thoughts and insights to the movie–Cool Runnings

Ice castle 2010 with Tina and Brandon 003

Cool Runnings

Chasing an Olympic dream, four leave the Comfort of Jamaica and travel to compete in the Tundra of Calgary.  The Jamaican Bobsled Team.

MKMMA Assignment:  Can I see the four tiny habits?

1.  DMP backed by burning desire

2.  Definite Plan expressed in continuous action

3.  A mind closed against the negative influences that discourage the dream.

4.  Masterminding with the” encouragers” who direct toward the plan and purpose.

When I write MK in the body of this blog it stands for something I noticed that went along with the Master Keys.


The name(MK) Cool Runnings was self defined within the movie…… as if Mark J. had made input…..”Peace be the journey!”  I smiled to myself when I heard them say it.

Early on, Irv, a Olympian “has been”, is discovered by the son of the man he wanted to develop into a bobsled athlete 20 years earlier.  Only after (MK) persistence pays off does Irv listen to the request of Derice.  Having long past run from his dream, Irv did not want anything to do with Bobsledding again.  Drawing Irv back to a dream unfulfilled, Derice challenges him saying, (MK) “I am your chance…….Take it.”

A commitment takes place and one friend and three unlikely athletes, who are used to competing against each other, (MK)  join to make a new beginning for themselves.

(MK)–The leader must be focused 100% of the time and is gifted with responsibility.  Sometime dreams are realized in leadership and at other times it occurs through following.  Derice was to focuse and his coach, Irv, knew that.

As I watch I realized in the scene where they were trying to recruit members for the bobsled team that only a few remained.  It is common that others will not be interested in my dream and that is ok.  I press on.

Money fails to be raise through sponsors but Derice continues to plan.  Irv says to Derice, “Does the words give up – Do the words “give up” mean anything to you?
– Not a thing.  (Burning desire….Continuous action.)

When the old sled is brought out for the team, three are looking at it in dismay.  Derice (MK) receives the sled with gladness and sees the dream fulfilled in it.  The leader will see by faith what others will miss.

When confronted with resistance from the other bobsled teams, the comment is made, “Others are always afraid of what’s different.”  When we know what to expect from people, it is easier to navigate the negativity.  (my words)

(MK)  Irv reminds Derice “Mind Clear” when he makes the run down the track.

Yul Brenner, one of the team, has a dream.  To get off the Island of Jamaica and have a castle. One of his team, Sanka, mocks him and points out how silly the “queens castle” is for a dream. (MK) Sometimes, our discouragement will come from those close to us…….  A team mate, who Yul has despised to this point, comes to his aid with encouragement.  Standing up to Sanka, (MK) Junior states, “He doesn’t have to be.  All he has to do is know what he wants and work hard for it.  And if he wants it bad enough, he’ll get it.”  Hard work and desire.  “Look, believe me, Sanka…  the more Yul Brenners we got
making it in this world… the better off this world will be, especially for Jamaicans.  Go ahead, Yul Brenner.  Go get your palace.”

(MK)  The mirror scene,  “Now, look in the mirror and tell me what you see.
– I see Junior.
– You see Junior.
Well, you want to know what I see? I see pride. I see power!  I see a *&&^$&$& mother who don’t take no crap off nobody!
– You really see all that?
– Yeah, man.”

Encouragement one day (Cause) brings about (Effect) another day……His father comes to tell Junior to come home…Here is the response,  “Father, when you look at me, what do you see?  I don’t have time for games, Junior.
Tell me what ya see!
All right, I’ll tell you what I see.  I see a lost little boy… who’s lucky to have a father who knows what’s best for him.
No, no, no, no. You don’t know what’s best for me, Father.  I am not a lost little boy, Father.  I am a man.  And I’m an Olympian.  (MK…Notice the ‘I am’?)  I’m stayin’ right here.

Sometimes we will have to pursue our dreams against the wishes of the ones who love us the most.

Alliance moment  Great challenge come from within as Sanka speaks to Derice about being themselves versus trying to be like the Swiss Team.  “Well, the right foot for us is not the Swiss foot.  I mean, come on, Derice.  We can’t be copyin’ nobody else’s style.  We have our own style.

Kissin’ an egg is no kind of style.  It’s the Olympics here.  It’s no stupid pushcart derby.
Let me tell ya somethin’, Rasta. I didn’t come up here to forget who I am and where I come from.  And neither did I. I’m just
tryin’ to be the best I can be.
So am I.

And the best I can be is Jamaican.  Look. Derice, I’ve known you since Julie Jeffries asked to see your ding-a-ling.  And I’m telling you as a friend…if we look Jamaican, walk Jamaican and is Jamaican…

Being anyone who is not me, does me a disadvantage.

(MK)  Irv failed when he made winning his all in all.  He reminded Derice, “If you are not enough without it, then you wont be enough with it.”  Love yourself and love the journey.   You will know if it is enough when you cross the finish line.  Finish and learn about you.

Last thing I noted in this amazing movie,  The ones you love will be there for you when you win.

Another segment in my Hero’s journey is being completed.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Daniel Fenton

MKMMA–Week 13–God At Work

Cessena 182 model

My Story of Faith With One of My DMPs

Worry or Concern is a feeling I often experience in the midst of wondering whether my desire will be realized or not.  I have learned in MKMMA that my feelings are the effect and thoughts are the cause…….. so….in order to change the feelings, I must change the thoughts.

Part of my DMP states, ” On or before January 17, 2015 I build a chapel in Nicaragua.”  Just about the time the MKMMA course started, I made the decision to join a team of individuals who were headed to Central America for a week to help a small congregation.  I learned that I would need $1200 to cover expenses.  I told my wife that I was deciding to go.  I knew that I could contribute some but that I would need to trust God and step out in faith and ask others to help as well.

It is a humbling experience yet my friend Rich, challenged me by asking, “If I was a millionaire, but was required to go ‘raise support’, would I do it?”  To that I said yes.

Back about Thank Giving time, I’d raised about $350.  By December 2nd I was to have $700. to cover the airline ticket.  I did not and was worried.  I called my pastor and asked him about it.  He said not to worry but just make a decision.  I decided that, even though I did not see the money, I had made a decision to go and that God may have already taken care of things but……….. we just did not know.  I called Pastor back and let him know I was still going.  He was pleased with the decision.

I came home from my vacation, made a “support letter” and sent it out to 25+ people I know.  Some had already given but I wanted them to have the letter too.

On Tuesday Dec 23 I contacted the pastor and asked where my amounts were.  He texted…….$585.  An e-mail went out from him that day, letting the team know that the total amount needed for the trip had to be in by Jan 4th.

I’m concerned.   If I don’t raise the money, will I need to contact the “givers” and return their money?  Can I afford to pay off the non refundable ticket that I won’t be needing if I don’t go?  QUESTIONS ARE THOUGHTS TOO!

———–I HAD FORGOTTEN MY DECISION———  I spoke with Rich again just before noon on Christmas Eve day.  He encouraged me, and we prayed together.  I told God that even though I felt worried, I would trust Him to take care of this.

About an hour later, I received a text that an anonymous giver had given $300 toward my trip.  Cool!  BUT…..$885 is not $1200!   Oh me of little faith!  BUT….Little is some faith and that is what I leaned on while looking to God.  Jan 4th has not arrived……God still has time.

God is good.  He didn’t make me wait much longer.  A couple hours later I get another text from my pastor.  About 3:45PM the same day. It is addressed to 4 numbers.  It says, “Your trip is paid for $1200 completely covered”.  Thank you Father!

I cried.  I text Tina, my wife, in the next room.   She came in, We cried tears of joy and wonder.

Ask and you shall receive.

I could have chosen to stop believing back when I didn’t make the deadline.  I would have lost.

A reading in the Greatest Salesman states in Scroll III, “The Prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning, and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.  Failure I may encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road.  Never I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner.”

I persist Until I succeed.

As a gift of love toward someone I am praying for but do not know, I am posting the following video.  He is a brother to a friend I have in my network marketing business.  Paul has just been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer.  He is 45. He has three children and a loving gracious wife.  Please watch his video and follow his requests.  As God has answered my prayer, may the requests of God’s children be answered in regards to Paul’s health and life.

Thank you  and Merry Christmas!

Daniel Fenton


Cessena 182 model

Thank you Readers for the encouragement you have given me on this journey.  Your words are the hands that push me forward and pull me up.  Week 11 was extreme to say the least and I really appreciate and love each one of you.

Week 12.  Almost over and it sure has been packed!

Sunday came and with it was the web cast.  What an interesting one and fun one too!  By far my most favorite!  Learning about the senses from Mark and then having Trish teach about mental exercises get both side of the brain active while focusing on our DMPs and desires……these were great!  The Davene explaining about Bear Hugs Kettle and how we can choose our reactions of whether I let something continue to hurt me or I choose to enjoy things that build me up.   Very Good!  Top this off with the 30 to 60 Cards that Mark explains where I can remind myself twice or more each day that I am successful…..Reminds me of Og saying, “For what is success other than a state of mind.”  Usually if I goof up or someone criticizes me for something I have done I used to beat myself up with those thoughts.  I love going through these cards because it lifts me….I AM LIFTING MYSELF UP!!!!!

Then came the end of the web cast and the start of an adventure……..Are you kidding me, Mark?   was a thought in my head when Mark said to go to a mirror and state my one sentence DMP outloud for the next fifty minutes.  Seriously?  I am in my back office and there are no mirrors there but it is dark out and there are windows.  Substitution?  No! Felt like I was cheating.  OK….Plan be…..Vanity mirror in drawer of bathroom……get back to office and not have to explain to family what I am doing (embarrassment avoidance)….That didn’t seem good either so like the Polar Plunge I jump right in the exercise, standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom after telling my wife I will be there a while.

I start.  I read and look at myself.  I say it without reading and have to look at it to get it right.  I keep repeating, reading and repeating. In about twenty minutes I can repeat it with out reading.  I incorporate combination exercises while speaking my DMP to myself in the mirror.  Left knee up to right hand. Drop it. Right Knee up to left hand.  Drop it.  Right hand on left ear.  Switch. Left had on right ear.  Amazing the time flies!  Then, My mind challenges me.  About 35 to 40 minutes into this I begin to hear my head say, “But you don’t hav……..”  I cut it off and keep repeating my desire with enthusiasm and excitement into the mirror.  I feel like I am addressing a large audience and when I mention me, my hands are near my heart and when I mention others, my hands are spread wide.  When I mention what I earn, my hands return to my heart.

I felt more confidence than I have enjoyed in a long time and this was good.  I didn’t have any tearful experiences but it was worth it.  Thank you for this challenge MKMMA!

Tuesday was a special day for me.  I helped a close family share in the celebration of their father going to Heaven.  Those days of visiting him are gone now and I miss Norm.  He was 98 years old……. but about every two weeks Tina and I would go over and see Norm and Luella.  Norm share so many things (including jokes and word problems with me).  This year I helped him by using a friend, Rich, to put in a garden.  It was 36 old maple sap buckets filled with Norm’s 60 year old garden dirt and placed in three tables so that he could garden without bending over.  He loved to see things grow. Someday I will see him again and look forward to it.

Wednesday ended in a way I couldn’t imagine from the beginning it had.  As you are aware as a reader, we became foster parents to two little sisters…..3 and 15 months about 15 days ago.  Sometimes it is not a “good fit” and the stress creates conflict.  Such was the case with this placement.  However I believe God’s hand was in this.  3PM I get a call from my wife that she is requesting the assigned time frame from Social Services to place the children in a different home.  I care for Tina and I want the best for her first….above all others.  I agree and say to go ahead.  In about an hour and a half we have a call the a family wants to come meet the girls and take them home.  That night before the people came, for the first time since the girls came to our home, the oldest one held my hand as I prayed before dinner.  That was special.  When the couple came and their daughter, the girls were very comfortable with them and went right to them.  Tina is relaxed again and I am fine too.  That was our first experience with Fostering and we will see what’s next.

That same night me and another MKMMAer helped one of our MKMMA friends by giving him the “Daniel and Rip version” of the past Sunday’s webinar.  Using the notes and the slides, we filled in the blanks quite well for Rich.  We may not have had the eloquence and pizzazz of Mark, the fabulous Daven and the wonderful Trish but we got him up to speed and you should have heard him when we got to the part about going to a mirror for the next 50 minutes…….Funny….Sounded very familiar.

Wasn’t sure whether I should or shouldn’t have done it but in part twelve line 4 it says, “Knowledge of your power: Second the courage to Dare; third, the Faith to do.

Press On!

MKMMA–Week 11–Help me see where I’ve changed

Cessena 182 model

Am I changing? Will my dreams come true?


My life feels turbulent.

Perhaps I am too close to evaluate any difference in me but maybe you can.  I remember when my children were smaller there were occasions where we might be apart for a period of a few weeks and I certainly could see the changes in growth and habits which happened in such a short time.  People, close by, could not see the differences as well because the change was constantly taking place under their care.

I feel discouraged.  I expected things to happen quicker…..To change sooner, so I could take better care of my family and myself.

The POA portion has got to me.  I have a mental conflict between knowing what “I am supposed to do” versus the memories of the past tries, where my attempts were failures.

The sit this week I have been concentrating on the Bible passage about what Jesus said concerning believing that I have already received  and that I will.

When will I see things happen?  When should I expect a change or answer to prayer?  I have no problem believing God can do anything because He can.  He made everything.

I told you about becoming a Foster Parent last week.  I am not sure it was a good thing to do.  At a time in life, where I had looked forward to getting to know my wife better now that our own children are grown, I am back to being servant to more people in the household.  Perhaps it is selfish but I wanted my best friend to be my number one player on my team.  It appears that team is only important as long as she is the captain and calling the shots.

I look at my movie poster.  I read my DMP,  I read and look at the shapes and colors.   I repeat do it now 50 times a day. I read the GS.  I read the blueprint builder.

Tonight I cried during my “sit”.  I want to change.  I want to be different.  I want to make a difference……..I know I am saying “WANT”….I could use NEED or DESIRE.  Does this mean because I am using these words that, that is what my subby is giving up to me?   A void?  Because that is what it is?

How do I grasp this aspect of declaring something is mine?  My mind just tells me that it isn’t.  How to I escape from this old blueprint that makes me check everything against the reality as I see it?

I hurt.  I am sad.  People are important to me and I like to say positive things to them to brighten their days.  I feel like I can help others to feel good about themselves but I am having a hard time with the me I have inside.

I am digging in and moving forward despite how I feel.  I just wish that I could give one of those glowing testimonies on how all these wonderful things are happening to me.  Perhaps in time.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for (I believe I already have) and the evidence of the things not seen (a promise kept).   Do you know how badly I want this as my reality?

Let’s see how next week goes.

Daniel Fenton

MKMMA–Week Ten (10) (X) (Diez)—Family Beginnings and Master Mind Thoughts.

Cessena 182 model

The Choices We Make Determine the Lives We Lead

Tonight I came home to a new family. I knew it was happening.  I had learned of the change over the past couple weeks.  A plan was put into place and my wife and I became foster parents today.

We have raised five wonderful children who are all on their own.


Last year, in the fall we decided to take a foster care class.  It has been a year.  This is a new journey for us and we are excited and happy.  Our choices brought us here.

I opened the door and met a very smart little girl and her sister of about half her age.  Cute and adorable.  (I would love to share a picture but that is not allowed.)  It was fun eating dinner together.  Before putting them to bed, I read Curious George and then prayed for them.  May blessings be on them and their parents as they put into practice those choices that will benefit all involved.

Poke poke poke……..Hey! this is not Facebook Poke!  

This is Poke (Ouch!) poke (ouch!) poke (ouch) month for all of us.  

At least that is what Og says in Scroll Three.  Who wants continual cuts with a lance?


Scroll I—–Habit habit habit……..Scroll II—–Love love love…..

Scroll III—–Persist persist persist.

Love this part in some ways.  Things like choosing to be a lion versus a sheep.  Or, not letting the previous day (whether good or bad) dictate my attitude about this one.  How about????…..Just one more???  If I keep going, if I persist, I will get there.

Movie reference again!

Did you ever see the scene from “Facing the Giants” where, Brock, a key player is encouraged to give the best he can?  Toward the end of this scene the coach is yelling over and over again….telling him not to quit.  I started saying to myself when I heard him continue to repeat those words, “Do it now!….Do it now….Do it NOW!”  I find myself transfering the positive onto the negative when I hear it.  This was another great experience in light of my exercises with MKMMA.  When I watch the trailer I can’t but get emotionally worked up.

 I choked up and tears stream down.  My journey is not JUST about me and my choices. I affect everyone around me and I am blessed to have this great responsibility.

Thoughts on Hannel

Hannel’s writings of creativity versus constructive thought I find useful and good. This week I learn to visually create in my sit time.  Is this an easy exercise?……NO!  Not yet.  BUT I am glad to work on it.  I did draw it on a paper in stages so that when I sat and did it with my mind, I could have a fresh image in my head.   I think it may have helped.

It was good to learn of Abundance being a natural law in the Universe.  This perspective, in which the author expresses this fact, has a positive effect on me.  It gives the hope that so much more can be gained and I don’t have to live by thoughts of limitation.  It was also interesting to learn the correlation between things and power.  “Al things represent certain forms and degrees of power.”….The value of something is in direct proportion to the power conferred in it.

So, How do I apply it?  Intentionally, I weed out what is not important and gather only the best materials for the building of my vision.  I exercise being creative and merge those thoughts with the materials in my life thereby drawing into existence the best of the best for myself and others.

Moving forward to fulfill my dream.

Me and giraffe

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving , Harmonious and Happy!

Are you?