MKMMA–Week Ten (10) (X) (Diez)—Family Beginnings and Master Mind Thoughts.

Cessena 182 model

The Choices We Make Determine the Lives We Lead

Tonight I came home to a new family. I knew it was happening.  I had learned of the change over the past couple weeks.  A plan was put into place and my wife and I became foster parents today.

We have raised five wonderful children who are all on their own.


Last year, in the fall we decided to take a foster care class.  It has been a year.  This is a new journey for us and we are excited and happy.  Our choices brought us here.

I opened the door and met a very smart little girl and her sister of about half her age.  Cute and adorable.  (I would love to share a picture but that is not allowed.)  It was fun eating dinner together.  Before putting them to bed, I read Curious George and then prayed for them.  May blessings be on them and their parents as they put into practice those choices that will benefit all involved.

Poke poke poke……..Hey! this is not Facebook Poke!  

This is Poke (Ouch!) poke (ouch!) poke (ouch) month for all of us.  

At least that is what Og says in Scroll Three.  Who wants continual cuts with a lance?


Scroll I—–Habit habit habit……..Scroll II—–Love love love…..

Scroll III—–Persist persist persist.

Love this part in some ways.  Things like choosing to be a lion versus a sheep.  Or, not letting the previous day (whether good or bad) dictate my attitude about this one.  How about????…..Just one more???  If I keep going, if I persist, I will get there.

Movie reference again!

Did you ever see the scene from “Facing the Giants” where, Brock, a key player is encouraged to give the best he can?  Toward the end of this scene the coach is yelling over and over again….telling him not to quit.  I started saying to myself when I heard him continue to repeat those words, “Do it now!….Do it now….Do it NOW!”  I find myself transfering the positive onto the negative when I hear it.  This was another great experience in light of my exercises with MKMMA.  When I watch the trailer I can’t but get emotionally worked up.

 I choked up and tears stream down.  My journey is not JUST about me and my choices. I affect everyone around me and I am blessed to have this great responsibility.

Thoughts on Hannel

Hannel’s writings of creativity versus constructive thought I find useful and good. This week I learn to visually create in my sit time.  Is this an easy exercise?……NO!  Not yet.  BUT I am glad to work on it.  I did draw it on a paper in stages so that when I sat and did it with my mind, I could have a fresh image in my head.   I think it may have helped.

It was good to learn of Abundance being a natural law in the Universe.  This perspective, in which the author expresses this fact, has a positive effect on me.  It gives the hope that so much more can be gained and I don’t have to live by thoughts of limitation.  It was also interesting to learn the correlation between things and power.  “Al things represent certain forms and degrees of power.”….The value of something is in direct proportion to the power conferred in it.

So, How do I apply it?  Intentionally, I weed out what is not important and gather only the best materials for the building of my vision.  I exercise being creative and merge those thoughts with the materials in my life thereby drawing into existence the best of the best for myself and others.

Moving forward to fulfill my dream.

Me and giraffe

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving , Harmonious and Happy!

Are you?

10 thoughts on “MKMMA–Week Ten (10) (X) (Diez)—Family Beginnings and Master Mind Thoughts.

  1. Amazing! What a wonderful accomplishment! We truly never know what the next step will bring or what’s around the next corner. My daughter presented our newest grandchild in November of 2013 when she adopted the 16 month boy she had been foster parenting as a complete surprise. I truly do not know what’s around the next corner. Each of needs to always remember “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

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  2. Fantastic blog – very powerful video clip! As Og says ‘It is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.” You’re right just DO IT NOW 😉
    Congratulations on your new family too, that’s amazing!! I look forward to hearing more of your journey next week.

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  3. That was a gift of Power, thank you so much for sharing, the video really brings it all home. Everyone must be what they are willed to be for so many reasons and its not always about us but for others why we must persist and win. Endless blessings to you and your family!

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  4. David, what a beautiful thing and a godly fulfilling purpose by foster parenting! May the blessings you give to these two girls be returned to you and your wife a thousandfold…in form of your dreams fulfilled. Abundance is in your future!

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  5. Thank you very much for sharing your story! So beautiful how you write that your journey isn’t something you do just for yourself, but also your surroundings. It relates to one of the earlier POA-tasks. Reveiling your golden buddha is a service to others. Blessings for you and your (added) family!


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