Doing Business Normal….Not Weird

You know those feelings you get when you start a new venture and things are different?  There’s excitement and nervousness all balled into one.  That’s normal and I get it.

However. there’s a number of businesses out there that go way beyond leaving those feelings and force someone like me into becoming “one of those guys.” 

You know the type  The Man with an Agenda and you’re the target…. I mean…..Somehow I have got the job now to convince you to my way of thinking and join my venture….. because there’s nothing like it.  If you don’t agree with me, I’m supposed to say, “Next!”

Yuk!  I don’t like it.  I don’t mind lists but now I feel like I have to force myself to make one, with the express purpose of getting you to say yes or no……You know? To partner or move on.

Something about this process just seems to give me the willies and I’ve gotten so uncomfortable with the whole approach that I just stop doing it. Have I quit? Mentally no, but if you judged me by me activity it would sure look that way.

I WANT “NORMAL!”   NO, I don’t want to stay the same but I do want to grow better in many areas of my life.

The benefits of these businesses are great and the residual potential is highly possible. The ones with influence do it really well. I want what they are achieving but I am not a man of influence……at least not yet.

So, how do I conduct business in a normal fashion that makes a win win for those I share my business with and me, to create the position of freedom in my life that I so long to have?

Should I stop here and let us both wonder if that is even possible or should I share my thoughts?

One thought on “Doing Business Normal….Not Weird

  1. Growing means stepping out of your comfort zone… we need to become comfortable being uncomfortable if we want things to change. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. Success comes from putting other people first, finding out how/if you can be of service to them, what they want… can you help them get it. Al thinks it’s all about the Product, Plan and Compensation, Nancy knows it’s all about truly being in service to others first. For him to be first, he must first be last.
    Happy New Year!


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