“Most people have heard the phrase. But does it spill from my lips?”

“What stirs within me at the very thought? Disgust? Pain? A going against my conscious or religious beliefs? Sadness? Frustration? Anger?”

These very feelings cause many people to forfeit their voice at election time. They loose their choices because they reject a person. Could we be promoting the theft of someone’s vote by sharing this phrase?

Is there still hope for the election process? I think so. It’s time for a new understanding. A different point of view. A perspective that makes sense.

Will the right words spoken stop the “Vote Thief” in it’s tracks?

Everyone knows that a vote is an expression of your choice……your opinion on display …….but the weight it carries, can possibly bring about the change you want.

You know how the importance of “having a choice” has been instilled in our personal philosophies? For women it was called “Freedom of Choice”, promoted years ago by the media. This resonates with most people because they care about those things that affect their personal lives.

Whether politics or personal matters, if you have a choice about the things that affect you directly, you want to express your input.

For example, Dr. George tells your mom that you have cancer. The treatment he recommends means an operation, radiation and chemo treatments. 76% are likely to recover and the cancer stays in remission.

“There has got to be a better way”, you think. So, you ask mom to seek out a second opinion.

Dr. Schylur reviews your case and tells her about another option. Only 5% of the cases survive. But in two days you’ll feel your old self again and you can live your remaining time to the fullest.

Now your mom has a choice: Vote for Dr George or Vote for Dr. Schylur . No! She’s not choosing one or the other…..Hey Wait! You have a voice in the matter too, don’t you? Of course you have input…..Your voice shares your vote. Based on your vote, along with her’s, a decision will be made.

You may like one doctor more than the other but what are the votes choosing? Hopefully , it’s going with the long term health, even if in the short term you have to be very sick. The overall and long term effect of your decision is what really matters. In the end who cares if one doctor is overbearing and abrasive or that the other one has the best bedside manners ever…….The choice to live as you desire is what will be your overriding vote.

So today, in America, many would have us quit thinking and focus on the elected person. Not even consider the standards, policies and overall health of the country that can remain intact or be uprooted and altered if they are elected.

This is the evil twist conjured up the phrase, “Voting for the lesser of two evils”…… taking a situation and making people, who have the right and responsibility to vote regarding the direction of proper living and good social practices, and making them feel guilty because the person that best represents their ideals is less than perfect and might even be quite repulsive.

A vote in our type of government matters less about style of the person and more about where their leadership will take us.

Look beyond that elected official and consider what the future holds. Consider their accomplishments ….not just the ideals they speak. Do they and the people they promote keep their word? Do they have a record of getting things done or is their record that of “promise, after promise, after promise”?

Thing about this,—-for those who believe in a Good God, “Unless you can also vote for God, you will always be voting for the lesser of two evils. ”

Let’s throw that thinking and phrase away!


We do not have to feel guilty because the person we are voting for is not like us in every aspect. Ask. Will a vote for this person, if they win, bring us closer to good ideals we believe in or further away?

The outcome is what you are voting on. Voting can be but does not have to be an endorsement of the candidate. You can dislike the person you are voting for but for the overall good of the country, feel proud to make your choice heard with that person’s name

Someday, we may hear, “Vote….For your life depends on it!”

The Names on the ballot are equal to the Yeses or Noes in the life you want. Whose names will you say “Yes” with this year?



    • That is an excellent question. There are Yeses on both sides of the decision.

      Let’s reason this for a moment with a story.

      You and twelve others get out of a conference and are deciding on a place to eat. The company is footing the bill to only one place. Two restaurants are open in town. One serves Lobster bisque or Surf and Turf. The other is serving Chinese. Great items in both but…..some of you have allergies to specific sea foods and others are concerned about the MSGs found in a lot of Asian dishes.

      Some choose not to decide. But, you know what you’re hungry for…. so based on the possibility of eating where you want, you voice your choice. Lucky for you, most of them choose the same. However, there were some items that you really would have liked from the other place but that’s just not going to be. You accept it and make the best of your circumstances.

      Whenever votes happen there are losses and gains. We can choose to not vote but the outcome still remains. The group ends up with a direction decided for them.

      So, for your own sake, why not sum up the values of the yeses that would occur one way and weigh them against the ones found in the other direction? If the overall value is greater, then vote that way. If they are equal, you can either not vote…..or consider it’s value to more people and then decide.

      The fact is…… if the yeses you want are of value to most people, then they probably will be uncovered and seen as such and become incorporated into the societies to which we belong. Nothing changes things more than desire and acceptance. If your yeses meet that criteria for most people then you still win.


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