The Parade of the Unicorns

The beginning of most people’s network marketing begins with the marriage of a dream and a system.

At least that is what happened with me.

I was 27 years old and in the Air Force.

Marriage was my motivation to have a career there… because I knew that you need a good job in order to support having a wife and raising a family. I entered at 19 and we married at 20.

We had five children while serving over the 9 year, three month period. It was great and I loved being a husband and a daddy.

What we learned in the early years was that it is not so easy having a one income family in a two income society.

Moms sacrifice plenty if they leave their children under the care of others to go off to work…. But by staying home, often you begin to live without the things others around you are enjoying.

My wife found ways to make some extra income but it typically these included my efforts. It was kind of like other part time job for me after performing my shift for the day with the military.

One such “job” was delivering subscription magazines to be hung on the doors of those customers within our community. (I guess it was cost effective compared to them using the postal service to deliver them.)

She would pick up the bundles, sort, label and bag them and then I would hunker down by the sliding door of the mini van to pop out and run them to each of the homes as she drove us around the neighborhood. Oh yes! Our children were strapped in their car seats as we went on these weekly adventures.

A friend on mine in our church casually told me one day he wanted to show me something that he and his wife were doing for extra income. I had him over and he pulled out a piece of paper and began to draw circles.

Connecting the round marks with lines and then showing business volumes and point values with level income amounts….Well, my mind was mesmerized.

I had never seen this thing called network marketing and wondered why it had eluded me to that point.

Money was tight and it took about $100 to join and get started. So, I devised a plan to fix up a bamboo encased glass salt water fish tank that I had acquired and sell it in exchange for this new adventure. I was excited and jumped in!

Everyone knows and everyone says that these types of businesses are “Event Driven.” So, off to weekly meetings I started to do.

Then we were told that the group we were a part of was having a huge conference in Anchorage, Alaska. I had not earned the income but I did have money from a small inheritance from my Aunt have left me. With that, I spent it on tickets to go to this event and flew alone to Alaska.

It was amazing! Speaker after speaker told their stories of how they had achieved financial freedom for their families and they talk about the great benefits of the products. One speaker was gifted with special camping gear because he enjoyed the great outdoors and wanted to spend more time doing that. He had earned it.

The evening came to a close and I was walking back to the motel when I happened upon one of the speakers. I greeted him and mentioned some things on my mind. I’m not sure what I said or if I created a misunderstanding but he got brash with me and was not kind.

Exposure to my first Unicorn!

Since that first Conference, I have spent a lifetime of being exposed to the “Parade of the Unicorns”.

I can not go further without crediting this idea to Richard Brooke, a network marketer, trainer and coach who mentioned the term “unicorn” in some of his literature. He has over forty years experience with this and he is not a unicorn.

These unicorns are the people that our in our network marketing businesses that are “super stars with a twist”. They are the ones, who by virtue of their gifts, training, backgrounds, natural influence and previous experience have great followings. They know and teach “what to do” but they don’t really know “why it works for them.”….At least they are not sharing that part!

As some would explain, “they are already and naturally the people to whom good things are attracted.” How they became that person is not important to them. They revile in their ability to inspire others “to perform the motions” that they did but for them it works and for most of us….well, we find it doesn’t.

Maybe it is because we have not yet become the “person” they are? Where are we to learn? The Unicorn can’t teach it.

But, there are successful individuals out there, who humbly know where they came from and can clearly encourage and show others how to become the one of the “successful ones”.

Richard Brooke often reminds people that there is a great need in our industry of network marketing to be authentic. I agree whole heartedly.

I am glad he mentioned Unicorns. Because, since then, it has made me realize that there are those from whom I can find ways to be a better me and change.

The Parade of the Unicorns will continue to happen but I know that I can look for authentic leaders who still love people and strive for their best.

When the Unicorn can put away the horn, see the me that I can be and remember the place they once may have been, then they will be to one from whom I will enjoy learning the journey.

Follow whom you wish but as for me, I choose to follow true leaders!

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