Press Release–John Maxwell Interviews Passenger aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise

Press Release–John Maxwell Interviews Passenger aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise

Peter Gladstone-Fort Lauderdale Chronicles—Feb 27, 2017

Being at the right place….. at the right time…. was a rare occurrence but fortunately, I was on the ship and yes, John Maxwell himself actually asked Dan Fenton to share this story with him. An unsuspecting dinner engagement upon the ship opened up a discourse between the two men and John became curious about Dan’s financial freedom and his ability to affect the lives of hundreds of people around him. In a moment, let’s step to the side of their table and listen in. But, let me bring you first to that point.

It was a week ago, Feb 21 and that very morning we had boarded the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas. Fourteen stories tall and a beautiful ship. The states rooms had all been redone three months ago and the royal touch was woven into the curtains, linens and even the carpet itself. The staff made sure you felt like you had your own kingdom.

Upon boarding I walked up to the 10th deck and strolled on the wrap around walkway. Stores and restaurants lined the side as I peered across the open waters of the Atlantic. We are headed to the Caribbean Islands. I noted one restaurant that served more of the Indian dishes and decided that there was where I would indulge myself this evening.

Seven o’clock. I better hurry. I want a good seat. I wait ten minutes and I am ushered to my table.

Six other guests are seated and I take my place. I look around and I notice a grey haired man with a bold look about him. “My! He seems familiar. It is like I know him from somewhere!” I think to myself. He is at the next table and he is listening intently to a man with brown hair and touches of grey who looks about 15 years younger.

Then the “man” speaks. My subby jumps to attention and I know right away…..This is John Maxwell. Wow! He is on our ship. I had read books by him on leadership and here he is just a few feet from my table. I listen intently to his conversation because you never know what good you can glean from another’s experiences.

Allow me to turn up the volume and hear the interview that is taking place.

John says to Dan, “So, Daniel. How many cruises is this for you?”

Dan replies that this is his fourth.

Oh! So you are still a little new to these adventures?

Yes! That is right.

How is it you came to have the time off to go on this cruise, Daniel? Most people can’t find the time to do much recreation. What did you say you did for a living?”

I show people how to re-script their mental blueprint, I give them a means to make money and I am an example they can follow. When all three line up we create a success team together. I have read some of your books, John and I know you understand leadership. I even saw you once at a business convention in Dallas. I am so honored to speak with you.” Dan replied.

Actually, Daniel, I am honored to meet you. I know you didn’t know I was going to be on this ship but I knew you were. See, I have been looking out for individuals like you and others who have a sense of desire and purpose…… and like cream on the milk, you rise to the top. I just had to meet you and get to know your story. How did you arrive at this level of success that so few find the means to ever attain?”

Quietly Dan paused……his mind racing back to that time when he exercised not giving an opinion. Was this one of those trick things that he had to consider? Wait! Mark had said that if asked directly for an opinion….in your field of expertise….then you could give it.

Daniel!?” John piped up. “You still with us?”

Oh, Sorry. MKMMA stuff. You know.” Anyhow, you were asking?

How did you arrive where you are at today?” Maxwell chimed in.

My Suburban got me down to the Port.” Dan chuckled knowing that this would grant an atmosphere of peace. Laughter broke out and Dan continued.

John, I am here today because I made a decision in September of 2014 that I wanted to change and that I was going to change. I was introduce to Mark J throughout the previous year and he kept talking about the subconscious making all the decisions. When he went on to explain the Master Mind Alliance course he was providing and how I could change my mental Blueprint, I just wanted In! How do I do this. A few weeks into the training it was hard and I almost wanted out but….BUT…I always keep my promises and this one was to me and I was going to change. That was the start.

I hear you have an organization of over 4500 consultants in your business. How did that happen?” John wanted to know.

Well John, There is these special skills called Firelighter and Rapport building skills and by incorporating them along with helping people to rethink, about a year after I started the MKMMA I had 426 members on the team. My thinking has changed it all for me.”

What do you mean by that?” John asked.

Well” Dan says, “retraining my brain how to first get uncluttered, then prevent garbage in there and then…..learning, exercising and practicing the art of clearly visualizing what I am, do and have, naturally the objects of my desire appear.”

Sounds a little hokey Dan!”

I know….Been there at that thought. All I can say is…..let me give you an example. OK?”

Maxwell nods.

Two years ago I wanted to go to Nicaragua with my church and do a small missions project. I started stating that I was going. Things began to open up and all the funds, plus extra arrived to support my endeavor. It was awesome! To be a part of God’s work. We built a chapel and Souls are being saved.

Another thing that happened was that I learned to refuse to let my limitations hold me back and I decided to clearly see myself having more money than my bills each month. Wouldn’t you know it? By October of 2015 I was earning $12,000 a month. Of course you probably know that the amount now is closer to $60,000 per month. It is fun to be able to have these choices where you know you can serve better and with more freedom.

You must also know, I came out of the Electrical Contracting field and though it helped me be creative, it is good to build up my body versus wearing it down in the trades.” Clearly leveraged income and Residual income is a major plus in our lives.

It has helped our Marriage. It is amazing the level of stress that disappears when there is plenty and you aren’t worried about it any longer. Tina (My goodness she has been in the bathroom a long time) and I are enjoying the adventure where we take off and see a lighthouse here. Pick up shells on beaches around the world and just get to be kids again with that sense of wonder and awe.”

Oh! here is your wife, She’s back.” John announces to the table as Daniel does the gentlemanly thing of pulling out the chair for Tina.

She sits. “Welcome back Dear.” Daniel Smiles at his bride.

They all pause to take a drink and nibble on a few bites left on their plates.

John asks another question, “There is a light heartedness and joy about you Daniel. Can you explain?

Well, Mr. Maxwell….”

Please call me, John”

Ok, John.” Smiling. “God is the source of my strength. Each morning I get together with Him and we get to know each other…..of course He knows me thoroughly but as I get to know Him and His great love for me, my confidence soars and I have courage to obey Him. With Him all things are possible. As long as I think this way, I can’t but help to be happy and content inside. It is my inside that greatly affects my outside so I make sure I am right with God.”

One last thing Daniel.” Maxwell starts. “Is it true you got your pilots license at 52 years of age?”

Why, yes it is.” Daniel Smiles. “One of my childhood dreams. Always wanted to fly. Made a clear picture and again…..happened. Now I am looking to buy one.” Looking over at Tina…..She only smiles.

It was an amazing interview. The poise of both gentleman as they spoke. I will look into this idea of Blueprinting and also check out the spending time with God thing that Daniel Fenton was talking about. I have always felt there must be more to life than what most of us currently find. Amazing!

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  2. Hey, Dan! Saw your poem on Mark’s blog! Score! I LOVE the joke you told about your wife in your Press Release! You didn’t know it was a joke, did you? 🙂 I can see you flying, Man! And enjoy that cruise!


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