What an Amazing week!……that since I am asked to write this, this is the request AND since I am the expert of my own life I CAN express this opinion.

Friday morning started early for my wife and I on Oct 24th.  A 2:45AM call from our daughter that she was in “Labor” caused us a quick exit from the house and on the road by 3:18AM.  I suppose this would have been ok but we weren’t traveling twenty minutes away to be there for the birth of our grandbaby……..It was a Five hour trip to Scranton PA!

It think it was the night before that I had just finished the last Blog Entry..lol.  (Can we say LOL in here…guess I just did…lol!)

It is amazing that the body tells you that if you have been up for two or three hours that it is time to eat, even if you are up four hours before you normally would be.  It’s ok…we were on our way.

We get near Binghamton NY and get a text from our son-in-law that she is 7 centimeters and the water just broke.  (Did you know you could actually break water?)  We are 45 minutes to an hour away.  OH!  Will we get there in time to have my wife be there when the little girl arrives?

We do.  It’s about 8:45am…..We go up to the room and through contractions our daughter greets us and then I leave for a bit.  I wanted to afford her some privacy  and have this be an experience to be shared with her husband and my wife, since she had been invited.

After a spell I return about 10:10AM and she had begun to push.  There is a curtain just after you enter the door and it is drawn closed.  I remain behind it as I listen to my little girl be in pain and endure the pain of childbirth.  I pray and tears run down my face as I listen.

I keep hearing the nurses say, “Ok, just one more push….you did good….now just one more push.”

Imagine my thinking and hers when an hour and a half passes and they are saying the same thing to her?  The delivery doctor comes in and asks how close.  The nurse says, “It;s still a while”.  WHAT!  All this time I think that the “one more push” is going to bring our baby into this world!  Well, it wasn’t as long as it could have been and at 11:56AM the world was blessed along with her parents and grand parents with a little girl (half grown at 9lbs 2.2ozs and 21 inches long.)  Yee Ha!.  KIMG0021

It was a beautiful experience.  I took pictures minutes afterwards and I am so thankful for technology to to this.

Of course this was the beginning of a week gone by and the next day my other grand baby girl and her parents came by from Maine.  Wow!  I love family.

Left Pa on Sunday and returned home without the wife.  Didn’t get to the webinar at 4 so I decided to watch it when it cam out on the replay.  Since it didn’t come out till Tuesday, I felt like all the work became a blur and quite overwhelming.

The alternator in my truck went and I ended up having to play mechanic as well.  Thanks to the Lord I was able to keep my truck in working order until I got it working right this afternoon.

I have three friends who are taking the MKMMA course and two of them I see quite regularly.  My friend Rich helped me with encouragement when I felt my lowest Wednesday night and I really wanted to get my revised version of my DMP done and also do the Press Release.

It was truly amazing that evening.  I pressed on to complete both tasks…..The cards really help because saying that “I always keep my promises” rang in my mind and this was a promise to keep to me this time.

About 11:30 that evening I finished the DMP and began working on the Press Release.

Mark J was right.  You just kickoff you shoe and get to work on it.  NO dilly-dallying!  Just have fun he says.  And it was.  I just let the imagination go and I did have fun with it.

It was interesting though.  As I started and was building up to the scene where I was being interview, that part was easy.  When I had to start talking about me……WELL! That was like a barrier went right up.  I got this mental block and didn’t want to talk about me.

I had made up my mind to do this so I pressed on and “jumped that hurdle.”  As I began to pretend and roll play into the scene, it got fun and enjoyable.

I hope you will see my interview with John Maxwell and be inspired.  IMG_20140131_063102


I am so glad to be taking this Mind changing experience and I look forward to a great life because of it.

Press On! My fellow MKMMAers!


8 thoughts on “Week Five—-BABY TO PRESS RELEASE

  1. Congrats, Grandpa Dan! “One more push” is a great life affirmation. I’m amazed sometimes by how long I have to persevere with “I can BE what I will to be!” Now I have another safety net when I get bored. 🙂


  2. Congrats on your granddaughter. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I had to laugh on the piece one more push, and they say ‘it’s still a while’ I can imagine your thought and feelings for that moment. Oh my!
    But thats what happens in life. You push but you don’t give up! You watched the webinar on an other moment but you did it! You pushed this week to get al the work done.
    Nice to have some friends in the MKMMA, I have that too. I really happy we are in it together 🙂


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