MKMMA Week #4 When The Circle Is Full


The smaller the balloon the faster it grows.

Get too much air ……..and soon it “Blows!”

Too Much.  Too Much!  It’s hard today.

Give me a break and let me play!

NO! The “I” in me says to Subby.

You’ve had “your way” too long.

Those bad habits the I’ve let you enjoy.

Has let me loose out on  joy.

SO, “I” Choose today

That the way it’s going to be

Is replacement time for habits

And a making of a new “Me!”

This week has been filled with lots of responsibilities with work and the anticipation of becoming a grandpa for the second time this year when our daughter delivers in a few days.  All that I want to accomplish weighs heavy on my mind but I am so much aware through this MKMMA course that I can control my anxiety and concentrate more at the things that are important to me.  This has been a blessing.

To add to my To Do List, I find that, I too, like others I see in the alliance area, am needing to rethink my PPNs and re-write my DMP.  I could choose frustration but I am choosing joy because I know that when it is clear what the “I” in me has planned to be, accomplish and have, “I” can receive it with joy.

I write my new version of the DMP with gratitude for the insight provided from my MKMMA personal guides.   Thank you.  🙂

I am also very thankful for the time I have been involved with MLM businesses because they have led me down a road of discovery about people, myself and learning to think differently.

One individual I have learned from in this journey is Steven Covey.  I think about the illustration he gives…..About our world being made of two circles.  One is inside the other.

The Outer circle is everything outside of a person……Things and people outside their control.

The Inner circle contains things within my control.  This circle can grow larger or grow smaller.

If I concern myself on the outer circle, my world begins to feel very small and cramped.  As it fills up, my own circle (or world) can only get smaller.  When my circle becomes smaller…. I become less and eliminate more.  If I am not careful where my focus is, it can grow quite small and not be of much service to others

However, if I concentrate on the inner circle and fill it with my purposes, it grows larger and allows me ample room to expand.  I relax, breath easier and I enjoy the life God has designed for me.  I have more. I can do more. I find and have more opportunity.  Jesus said something about this when he was on earth…..”For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.”  Matthew 25:29

It is neat that similar thought is expressed in the MKMMA course.  “I can be what I will to be.”

Sometimes we think that we are going to explode but I think that perhaps it is an “implosion” that could take place because the pressure is greater the smaller we become.  Many time a larger object will have great flexibility that a small one.  Design wise, I believe that as we receive and exercise strength, we gain more.  As we do the same with responsibilities, we get better at taking on more.  When we exercise good thought, our thoughts improve.

A small improvement everyday is growing my circle larger.

My circle may be full but I am glad it is the one I choose to fill.

May your inner circle be full of purpose.

Daniel Fenton

3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week #4 When The Circle Is Full

  1. Hey, Daniel! Sounds like Steven Covey and John Wooden thought alike! Thanks for sharing your lovely poem! It’s nice to see people’s creative side. I, too, feel overwhelmed at times by all that I have to do regarding MKMMA requirements. But, I tell you what, I’d rather have self-development stuff over my head than anxiety and a general sense of cluelessness any day. And nice connection between Haanel and Matthew!


  2. Hi Daniel, you have certainly penned a thought provoking post. Your writing carries us from the feelings of overwhelm and too much to the amazing recognition of the growth we are experiencing. The explanation about the greater flexibility of a larger object, coupled with your growing circle illustrated your point with great clarity. Your post helped me expand my thinking about this amazing experience we are sharing.


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